Dum Maaro Dum

Dum Maaro DumMusic Director: Pritam Chakraborty

Lyricist: Jaideep Sahni

Singers: Anushka Manchanda, Ash King, Sunidhi Chauhan, Papon, Zubeen Garg, Abhishek Bachchan, Earl, Ayush Phukan and Mohit Chauhan

Rating: ***

Pritam Chakraborty is back on track after the not-so-rocking music in the film "Thank You". For "Dum Maaro Dum", the composer has created both fast- and slow-paced numbers that are enjoyable and hummable.

The film album offers seven tracks.

It begins with the title track "Mit jaaye gham", which is a revised and re-arranged version of the cult 1971 song "Dum maaro dum" from the film "Hare Rama Hare Krishna".

This version has been sung by Anushka Manchanda and has been made contemporary with new lyrics, rap and additional beats and sound effects.

The song has a neo-age feel and might be a hit on the dance floor, but it somehow lacks the appeal of the original.

Up next is a song "Te amo", describing a girl and the various facets of her personality.

Crooned by Ash King and Sunidhi Chauhan, the moderately paced track is quite pleasing and hummable and adds a soft touch to the album. It also includes a few English lyrics.

The song has two more versions. One a solo by Sunidhi and the other a reprised version by Mohit Chauhan.

While the solo version is just slightly slower than the original and has a female singer taking the mantle of the song, the reprised version is the most impressive. Even more than the original.

Mohit instills life into the song with his mesmerising vocals and the raw feel of the unplugged song creates an impact.

Then there is "Jiyein kyun", which is the best song of the film. Sung by Papon, the song starts with no music in the background and the full focus is on the vocals.

After a few seconds in the song, light music seeps in, giving way to a stronger orchestration that then follows. It has a very raw, fresh feel to it with colloquial lyrics.

The guitar riffs later in the song draw interest and engage the listener. On the whole, a super composition and great singing by the vocalist.

Finally, there is "Thayn thayn", which has none other than actor Abhishek Bachchan behind the mike with ample support from Earl and Ayush Phukan.

Abhishek is mainly rapping in the track. It starts with a dialogue, but soon acquires the hip-hop feel. It is a situational song.

On the whole, Pritam has proved with this album that he has the capability of churning out interesting tracks. A good job done by the composer.

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Mit Jaaye Ghum (Dum Maaro Dum) Anushka Manchanda

Media Player-128 Kbps

Te Amo (Duet) Sunidhi Chauhan, Ash King

Media Player-128 Kbps

Jiyein Kyun Papon

Media Player-128 Kbps

Jaana Hai Zubin Garg

Media Player-128 Kbps

Thyan Thyan Abhishek Bachchan, Ayush Pkuhan, Earl

Media Player-128 Kbps

Te Amo (Female) Sunidhi Chauhan

Media Player-128 Kbps

Te Amo (Reprise) Sunidhi Chauhan

Media Player-128 Kbps

Te Amo (Remix) Remix: Kiron Kamath

Media Player-128 Kbps

Dum Maaro Dum - 128Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File128 Kbps44.2 Mb
Dum Maaro Dum - 320Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File320 Kbps71.7 Mb

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Thank You

Thank YouMusic Director: Pritam Chakraborty

Lyricists: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Ashish Pandit and Kumaar

Singers: Mika Singh, Master Saleem, Ritu Pathak, Neeraj Shridhar, Richa Sharma, Sonu Nigam and Javed Ali

Rating: **

Pritam Chakraborty is known for creating interesting and impressive soundtracks, but he fails to compose anything extraordinary for "Thank You". The sounds and songs are ordinary.

The music album contains five originals and four remixed tracks.

It opens with the a re-arranged version of "Pyar do pyar lo", a hit cabret number from Firoz Khan's 1986 film "Jaanbaaz". Pritam has revisited it with new lyrics and new appeal. Crooned by Mika Singh, both sounds and lyrics are a put off. The neo-age version falls flat. Not a very good beginning for the album.

It also has a remixed version.

Next is "Razia", a fast-paced item number kind of a song that has Master Saleem and Ritu Pathak lending vocals to it. While the musical arrangements have contemporary techno beats, the style of singing and lyrics are rustic. Despite the experiment, the song falls flat and creates no interest.

A remix follows this version too, which is average.

Then comes in "Full volume", which hints at the olden style of singing. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Richa Sharma with nasal touch, which used to be prevalent in retro songs. It also has rap in the background and the base beat reminds you of the composition in "Zor ka jhatka". On the whole, this love song too fails to make a mark.

Even the remix sounds stale.

Next is titled "My heart is beating", where Sonu Niigaam tries to mimic singer Shabbir Kumar, giving the song a touch of the 1980s and 1990s. It offers equal amount of contemporisation with English lyrics and modern beats. However, even though it's funny in the beginning, the song fails to hold the interest.

Again the remix version has nothing extraordinary to offer.

Finally, the album offers a moderately-paced love song called "Pyaar mein". Javed Ali and Neeraj Shridhar try to impress with the mushy lines, but ordinary composition takes away the soul from the song. It doesn't connect with the listener, although Pritam tries to come in his own skin with this number.

On the whole, quite a disappointing soundtrack by Pritam. The composer has done a much better job in the past, but "Thank You" somehow misses his magic touch.

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Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo Mika Singh

Media Player-128 Kbps

Razia Master Saleem & Ritu Pathak

Media Player-128 Kbps

Full Volume Neeraj Shridhar & Richa Sharma

Media Player-128 Kbps

My Heart Is Beating Sonu Nigam

Media Player-128 Kbps

Pyaar Mein Neeraj Shridhar & Javed Ali

Media Player-128 Kbps

Razia (Remix) Remix by: Abhijeet Vaghani

Media Player-128 Kbps

Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo (Remix) Remix by: Abhijeet Vaghani

Media Player-128 Kbps

Full Volume (Remix) Remix by: Harry Anand

Media Player-128 Kbps

My Heart Is Beating (Remix) Remix by: Harry Anand

Media Player-128 Kbps

Thank You - 128Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File128 Kbps48.6 Mb
Thank You - 320Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File320 Kbps81.6 Mb

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GameMusic Directors: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Lyricist: Javed Akhtar

Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Shaan, Anusha Mani, Loy Mendonca, Shreya Ghoshal, Kshitij, Aditi Singh Sharma, KK and Sunitha Sarathy

Rating: ***

The music of ad-filmmaker-turned-director Abhinay Deo sticks to the theme of the movie and has all the elements of being a perfect soundtrack for a thriller. That does make the music a little more situational than individualistic, but nevertheless, an interesting effort.

The album offers seven tracks.

It opens with the title track "It's a game" aptly crooned by Vishal Dadlani. The edgy number has the feel of a thriller and is quite western in it's approach, thanks to the style in which it is sung and the music is composed. The track also brings forth strong orchestration.

It also boasts of a reprise version, which is slower in pace and is sung by Sunitha Sarath.

Then comes love ballad "Maine yeh kab socha tha" that has Shaan, Anusha Mani and Loy Mendonsa behind the mike. The soft, pleasing number has light music and slowly grows on you. A good hear.

Next is a cabaret "Mehki mehki", which is well-composed by the trio. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal with ample support by Kshitij Wagh, the moderately-paced song stands out in the album owing to its distinctness.

It also has a remix version and the highlight is its faster pace.

The thrill returns with the song "Kaun hai ajnabi", a track that starts with a bang and is likeable throughout because of it's energy, zing and pace. With vocals by KK and Aditi Singh Sharma, it keeps you hooked till end. The sounds and musical arrangements do justice to the theme.

This one too has a remixed version.

On the whole, the album focuses on the soul of the film and never loses track. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have tried to move away from their signature style by trying something different, which is worth appreciating.

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It's A Game Vishal Dadlani

Media Player-128 Kbps

Maine Yeh Kab Socha Tha Shaan, Anusha Mani, Loy

Media Player-128 Kbps

Mehki Mehki Shreya Ghoshal, Kshitij Wagh

Media Player-128 Kbps

Kaun Hai Ajnabi Aditi Singh Sharma & K.K

Media Player-128 Kbps

It's A Game (Reprise) Mika Singh & Hard Kaur

Media Player-128 Kbps

Mehki Mehki (Remix) Remix by: Harry Anand

Media Player-128 Kbps

Kaun Hai Ajnabi (Remix) Remix by: DJ Busco

Media Player-128 Kbps

Game - 128Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File128 Kbps34.9 Mb
Game - 320Kbps [Songs.PK]Zip File320 Kbps53.8 Mb

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Tanu Weds Manu

Music Director: Krsna

Lyricist: Rajshekhar

Singers: Lehmber Hussainpuri, Mohit Chauhan, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Niladri Debnath, Rakhi Chand, Vivek Naik, Roop Kumar Rathod, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Singh and Wadali Brothers

Rating: ***1/2

From a full-on Punjabi track to a soulful qawwali outing - the music of forthcoming film "Tanu Weds Manu", composed by debutant music director Krsna, is all that and more.

The album is a must hear and a very impressive effort by the composer, who has packed in tracks of various genres, making it a complete entertainer. The film offers seven tracks.

The album opens with a bang with Lehmber Hussainpuri's already popular track "Sadi galli".

The energetic and exuberant number gives a kickstart to the album and makes the listener more interested in what's in store.

The foot-tapping song catches the pulse of the listener with its Punjabi lyrics and entertaining beats. Get ready to groove and dance your heart out with "Sadi galli".

With "Yun hi", the album takes a 360 degrees turn and completely changes the mood. Sung by Mohit Chauhan and Ujjaini, this beautiful love ballad will steal your heart.

The enchanting vocals, melodious composition, simple lyrics and the subtlety of musical arrangements give an edge to the song. Its breezy and pleasing quality makes it instantly likeable.

Then the composer takes even the mantle of vocals in his hands and presents "Rangrez" - a qawwali. An interesting attempt and Krsna pulls it off wonderfully.

The song also has another version "Rangrez - hey rangrez, mere rangrez", crooned by qawwali veterans Wadali brothers.

While the composition is the same, this version definitely stands out more than the original - solely owing to the characteristic style of the singers. It's a music buff's treat.

Next comes a semi-classical track "Piya", which has Roop Kumar Rathod behind the mike.

Soaked in the Indian flavour, this love song is quite likeable. It's rare to hear classical-based songs in albums today, so this track is a welcome break from the usual modernised songs.

Up next is a massy number "Mannu bhaiya" sung brilliantly by Sunidhi Chauhan, Niladri Debnath, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Rakhi Chand and Vivek Naik.

The track is full-on 'desi' with lyrics that have a touch of humour. Even though the song is largely situational, it does demand a listen, owing to its fun element.

Finally, the album offers "Jugni", which has been sung by many singers over the years.

The Punjabi folk song has been written and crooned in various versions and has been likeable in all. This time, Mika Singh takes the mantle of singing. The song has been contemporised a little bit and adds energy and zing. Overall a great track.

On the whole, the album is entertaining and will be majorly liked. Its amalgamation of various genres will make it applicable to different tastes and age groups. Good job done by the debutant.

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Sadi Gali Lehmber Hussainpuri

Media Player-128 Kbps

Yun Hi Mohit Chauhan (backing vocals: Ujjaini)

Media Player-128 Kbps

Piya Roop Kumar Rathod

Media Player-128 Kbps

Rangrez (Wadali Bros) Puranchand Wadali & Pyare Lal Wadali

Media Player-128 Kbps

Mannu Bhaiya Sunidhi Chauhan, Niladri Debnath, Ujjaini

Media Player-128 Kbps

Jugni Mika

Media Player-128 Kbps

Rangrez Krsna

Media Player-128 Kbps

Tanu Weds Manu - 128Kbps
Zip File 128 Kbps 45.1 Mb
Tanu Weds Manu - 320Kbps
Zip File 320 Kbps 68.1 Mb

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7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon MaafMusic Director: Vishal Bharadwaj

Lyricist: Gulzar

Singers: Usha Uthup, Rekha Bharadwaj, Vishal Bharadwaj, KK, Clinton Cerejo, Master Saleem, Suresh Wadkar, Suraj Jagan and Francois Castellino

Rating: *** 1/2

When Vishal Bharadwaj decides to score music for a movie, fans are confident that he will come up with high quality compositions that will mesmerise everyone. And this is exactly what happens with the album of "7 Khoon Maaf", which offers songs for all tastes.

The album has nine songs.

The soundtrack gets a startling start with the already hit number "Darling" and it's an addictive number. The Indian version of traditional Russian folk song "Kalinka", "Darling" instantly strikes a chord with the listeners.

The Russian flavour is captivating and makes you shake a leg on the foot-tapping tune. The unusual combination of two singers - Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj - works well for the song. The mischievous lyrics and the energy in the music makes it a winner all the way.

Next is "Bekaran", a nazm (Urdu poetry) penned by Gulzar. Bharadwaj had heard the nazm some time back and loved it so much that he decided to incorporate it in the film as a song. Bharadwaj has sung the song and his silken voice adds the required softness. It is so beautiful that it may help in re-discovering the forgotten romantic side in you.

With minimal orchestration and more focus on vocals, the song has the true flavour of a love. If you want to impress your lady love, "Bekaran" is the song for you.

"O mama" by KK and Clinton Cerejo offers something different - it's a rock-inspired number, offers a lot of punch and is quite hard-hitting. An interesting attempt where KK shows his expertise yet again. It will surely appeal to youth owing to its sound and appeal.

The song also has an acoustic version, which is definitely softer but the raw factor is intact. This version has a completely different appeal altogether. Even though both the versions are praiseworthy, the acoustic one somehow manages to impress more.

Next is "Awaara". Sung by Master Saleem, the song starts with a very simple sound but has a dark and grim feel about it. The sudden ups and downs in the tempo are interesting and the vocals add edge to the song that grows on you.

Suresh Wadkar has been a constant feature in most of Vishal Bharadwaj's albums and this time he sings "Tere liye", a soft, pleasing, slow paced love ballad. It is quite hummable, but not as good as other songs in the album. It's neither bad nor brilliant.

Then there is "Dil dil hai", an out-and-out rock offering, sung by Suraj Jagan. The song somehow fails to create an impact in spite of power-packed orchestration and rock flavour, which is quite popular nowadays. The song might fit well in the film, but individually it falls flat.

Up next is a devotional number titled "Yeshu". Voiced by Rekha, the song is poignant and sounds nicer with an expansive chorus in the background.

There is another version of the song "Darling" called "Doosri darling" and it has Usha, Rekha, Clinton and Francois Castellino behind the mike. It starts with Russian lyrics and then Rekha makes an entry and the song slows down completely, only to gain pace again after a few lines.

As expected Bharadwaj has composed a wonderful album that is not a clone of his previous work. It exudes freshness and is worth listening. However, the songs would not have achieved zenith without Gulzar's lovely lyrics. The team has done it again.

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Darling Usha Uthup, Rekha Bhardwaj

Media Player-128 Kbps

Berkaraan Vishal Bharadwaj

Media Player-128 Kbps

O'Mama K.K, Clinton Cerejo

Media Player-128 Kbps

Awaara Master Saleem

Media Player-128 Kbps

Tere Liye Suresh Wadkar

Media Player-128 Kbps

Dil Dil Hai Suraj Jagan

Media Player-128 Kbps

Yeshu Rekha Bhardwaj

Media Player-128 Kbps

Doosri Darling Usha Uthup, Rekha, Clinton Cerejo, Francois

Media Player-128 Kbps

O'Mama (Acoustic) K.K

Media Player-128 Kbps

7 Khoon Maaf - 128Kbps
Zip File 128 Kbps 46.6 Mb
7 Khoon Maaf - 320Kbps
Zip File 320 Kbps 72.3 Mb

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Patiala House

Patiala HouseMusic Directors: Shankar Mahadevan-Ehsaan Noorani-Loy Mendonsa

Lyricist: Anvita Dutt Guptan

Singers: Mahalakshmi Iyer, Hard Kaur, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Shankar, Earl, Master Saleem, Vishal Dadlani, Suraj Jagan, Alyssa Mendonsa, Hans Raj Hans and Richa Sharma

Rating: ** 1/2

"Patiala House", Akshay Kumar's first outing of 2011, has music that is not something uncommon, yet most of the songs are entertaining and bring out the signature style of composer trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy.

The album offers 12 songs, including remixes.

"Patiala House" music commences with "Laung da lashkara" with Mahalaxmi Iyer, Hard Kaur and pop singer Jassi - who has made an appearance after a long time - singing it. This is the title track and quite apt for a film that is named "Patiala House". Full of Punjabi energy and flavour, the song includes a few rap lines as well.

There is a remix version of the number in the album.

After the first song, the album takes a turn and comes up with poignant track "Kya main jagoon" crooned by Shafqat Amanat Ali.

It has a long prelude before the vocals begin, but then it is evident that full focus is on the vocals and music becomes secondary.

The song changes pace quickly, which is very interesting and cuts the monotony. Shafqat's voice is praiseworthy and adds weightage to the song. on the whole a beautiful number that strikes a chord with the listener.

It has two more versions - a regular remix and an unplugged version where the tone of vocals is slightly low. These are equally likeable.

Then comes in "Rola pe gaya" that has Mahalaxmi, Shankar, Earl, Master Saleem and Hard Kaur behind the mike. In spite of so many singers, the song fails to make a mark. Initially, it entertains a little bit, but soon the listener loses interest in the not-so-fresh composition. Even the lyrics don't impress.

The remix version has nothing great to offer either.

Next song "Aadat hai voh" brings in some respite. Sung by Vishal Dadlani, it has a pleasing guitar strumming in the beginning that sets the mood. Then the rise in the tempo with strong orchestration gives the song an edge. It's a nice, moderate-paced track that grows on you.

"Baby when you talk to me" is the only pure love song in the album, sung by Suraj Jagan and Alyssa Mendonsa. With Hindi and English lyrics, the foot-tapping song is hummable and engaging but you do get a feeling of dejà vu as the composition doesn't sound too fresh.

This one too has a remixed version.

The next track "Tumba Tumba" is a qawali by Hans Raj Hans and may appeal to those who love qawallis, although the song seems to be more of a situational number.

In the end a Sufi song enters the album. "Aval allah" is also a situational track and might be effective on screen. Sung by Richa Sharma with minimal music, the song does have its high moments.

On the whole, the music of the album is neither bad nor brilliant. Some songs are entertaining and some need more punch. It's time for Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to reinvent themselves.

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Laung Da Lashkara Mahalaxmi Iyer, Hard Kaur & Jassi

Media Player-128 Kbps

Kyun Main Jaagoon Shafqat Amanat Ali

Media Player-128 Kbps

Rola Pe Gaya Mahalakshmi Iyer, Shankar Mahadevan Earl, Master Saleem & Hard Kaur

Media Player-128 Kbps

Aadat Hai Voh Vishal Dadlani

Media Player-128 Kbps

Baby When You Talk To Me Suraj Jaggan, Alyssa Mendonsa

Media Player-128 Kbps

Tumba Tumba Hans Raj Hans

Media Player-128 Kbps

Kyun Main Jaagoon (Unplugged) Shafqat Amanat Ali

Media Player-128 Kbps

Aval Allah Richa Sharma

Media Player-128 Kbps

Kyun Main Jaagoon (Remix) Shafqat Amanat Ali

Media Player-128 Kbps

Baby When You Talk To Me (Remix) Suraj Jagan, Alyssa Mendonsa

Media Player-128 Kbps

Rola Pe Gaya (Remix) Mahalakshmi Iyer, Shankar Mahadevan Earl, Master Saleem & Hard Kaur

Media Player-128 Kbps

Laung Da Lashkara (Remix) Mahalakshmi Iyer, Hard Kaur & Jassi

Media Player-128 Kbps

Patiala House - 128Kbps
Zip File 128 Kbps 63.6 Mb
Patiala House - 320Kbps
Zip File 320 Kbps 98.6 Mb

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